Photo of Tymothi Aquino

Hey, I’m Tymothi (or Tym for short)!

I enjoy spending my time expressing myself through design and illustration. This year I was introduced to the world of animation, a new favorite multimedia, which has allowed me to bring my creations to life!

Books explaining the history of anime and its rise to success.

Anime’s History & Rise to Success

This project examines the rising popularity of anime and how it was able to become a worldwide cultural success. It goes in-depth into its long history from when it originated in 1907 to where it is today. It also explains the differences and the cross-pollination between Japanese / American animators, and how anime went overseas to the Western audience.
  • Publishing
  • Typography
eaZen Massage Pillow app displayed on iPhone X's.

eaZen Massage Pillow App

eaZen is fictitious app to control a Shiatsu massage pillow through a mobile device via bluetooth. Users can adjust the settings in the app to their liking to get rid of any stubborn knots. They can be customized to be used on various parts of the human body ranging from the neck, back and legs. The app also tells users interesting facts to promote using the pillow often.
  • App Design
  • Branding
Malicious logo featuring a custom-made typeface.


Malicious is both my online brand and alias. I go by Malicious to symbolize the hardships I’ve endured in my life and how each one shaped who I am today. The brand is meant to showcase both my creative abilities and my interests (illustration, animation and design) online (soon to be on Twitch). The project showcases my skills in a wide range of areas, even featuring a typeface I designed.
  • Branding
  • Typography