Photo of Megan Wiebe

I’m a fan of vintage design, beautiful packaging, and playful illustrations. When I’m not designing or illustrating, I enjoy listening to an endless stream of Broadway music, reading whimsical stories and spending time with pals.

An image of a cup design for an Oh Doughnuts rebrand, featuring illustrations of a pigeon with a doughnut nest, a girl riding a doughnut bike and a man walking a dog who is sniffing a doughnut. Also featured to the right is an image of a wax paper design featuring a modular Oh Doughnuts logo and sprinkle pattern. Both elements are designed in blue and pink.

Oh Doughnuts

This year I chose to create a rebrand of the beloved Winnipeg doughnut shop, Oh Doughnuts. With this rebrand, I aimed to give Oh Doughnuts a fresh look, focused on playfulness, uniqueness and just a touch of humour and vintage appeal. Featured above is a cup and wax paper design.
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
A photo of a bag of coffee with the name


Grande is a font inspired by vintage hotel luggage labels. I designed the font to be used for vintage or adventure inspired design work. Featured is a fictional brand identity called Roam Coffee Co. that I created while playing with the font!
  • Packaging
  • Typography
An open book spread, featuring the words

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup is an ABC book, featuring a collection of delicious food illustrations. I took inspiration from vintage Mid Century Modern illustrations and combined them with modern elements to produce a visually appealing children's book.
  • Illustration
  • Publishing