Photo of Hannah DeVries

Hi, I’m Hannah! My favourite thing is to incorporate illustration in my design work, and expand on it. I love storytelling and taking inspiration from wherever I desire. (Including movies, books, cartoons, the world around me. I love being able to make things for other people to enjoy that make the world a bit nicer.

An image of a business card for Authentic Iron.


An Art Deco inspired typeface in progress meant for display purposes, word-marks, and book covers.
  • Branding
  • Typography
An image of four spreads from Spotlight. Spotlight is an editorial piece that delves into the world of broadway musicals.


Spotlight explores the storytelling techniques within musicals that achieve immersion, storytelling and the suspension of disbelief. I love listening to musical cast albums while working, and this was a great project to give me further reason to do so!
  • Branding
  • Publishing
  • Typography
An image of three illustrated posters for an animated version of The Secret Garden.

The Secret Garden

This is a favourite project of mine, creating a concept design and promotional material for a hypothetical adaptation of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I absolutely love character design and illustration, so this was a great project to explore.
  • Branding
  • Illustration