Meeting now

Denny Villanueva

I'm Denny! I'm primarily a freelance digital artist and now I do web development and design! I like flashy colours, pirates, demons, and having fun with whatever I make.

Daniel Ezzahir

I’d rather be behind a camera than in front of one, so don’t let my photo fool you! I am a million times more approachable than I look, I promise :).

Allison Brown

Hello! I'm Allison, a motion designer who has a passion for creating meaningful work that could spark creativity and imagination in others. I love cartoons and animated movies, and very much so can't see without my glasses.

Allyn Santos

Hello, I’m Allyn! I’m an aspiring UI/UX designer with a growing passion for accessible design, web development, and digital art. ☻

Mary Angelic Placido

Hi, I'm Angel! I’m a motion graphic designer. I have a passion for creating illustrations, designing, animating, film, and editing in the arts. I also love painting, drawing, and most of all I love my cats ฅ(˘ω˘ )ฅ

Isabelle Froese

Hi, I'm Isabelle! A motion graphics designer who also dabbles in anything design. When I'm not working on my animations, you can find me making coffee, listening to a podcast, or at a thrift store.

Breanne Murphy

Hi! My name is Bre and I am a passionate 3D artist with a burning desire to create. I am inspired by the beauty of the world around me and love to bring concepts and objects to life in the 3D world.

Cheyenne Chua

⁣Hi, I'm Chey! I enjoy working in most areas of digital media, but I mainly do web & layout design.

Cole Anderson

Hi my name is Cole and I am apparently an animator.

Juan Coprada

Hey! I'm Juan, a digital illustrator who stumbled upon 3D modeling during my time in DMD. I really like animation and open-world games!

Garrett Urwin

Hi, I'm Garrett! I am a 3D Artist that loves to animate and create. DMD taught me so much and I can't wait to learn more as I develop and grow as an artist.

Jonas Miguel Calabio

A 3D Artist + Illustrator who pours all of his heart into art! I specialize in hard surface modelling, and drawing concepts!

Jacky Young

Name's Jacky. I'm a sort of "jack-of-all-trades" digital artist, but I specialize in 3D hard surface modelling and 2D animation.

Le Hong Bao (Jasper) Tran

If you like visual storytelling like me, let's talk!

Jenn Tan

Hi, I am Jenn. I am an illustrator and motion designer.

Jude Votto

Hi! I'm Jude and I'm a 3D modeller and photographer. I love movies and I'm an aspiring storyteller.

Joshua Zackrisson

I'm Josh! I'm from Weyburn, a small city in Saskatchewan. I enjoy art, movies and video games. I'm a big fan of The Legend of Zelda franchise!

Kaelyn Bailey

Chaotic artist inspired by fantasy and video games. I love to collaborate with others and share my creativity and imagination.

Kaytlin Nichols

Hi! I'm Kaytlin! I'm a 3D major who enjoys the whole 3D process, from modeling to rendering. I enjoy illustrating, 2D/3D animation, graphic design, but most importantly I just love to create! I've got a passion for plants, DIY, and animals (especially fat birds)

Marina Belov

Hi, I'm Marina! I am 2D/3D Artist. Super excited to start my career path. I love art and everything related to creation. My favorite quote is: "I paint flowers so they will not die." ― Frida Kahlo

Maya Fastabend

Survived COVID College

Haoming Chen

Hey! I am Ming. It is a great honor to meet with my classmates and instructors in the two years of my DMD major. As an international student from China. I gained the precious friendship and a wealth of knowledge. Also, I will always keep the enthusiasm of study and work in the future work and life! Again, I would like to thank my classmates and instructors for accompanying me.

Maceo Lepage


Mackenzie Oakman

Hi I'm Mackenzie Oakman, I loved my time in the Digital Media Design program, and have a newfound passion for 3D art. I am a big fan of creatures and sci-fi. If you like my work and want to chat, I'd love to hear from you!

Nelson Keep

too cool to have a real headshot. also my camera is broken.

Olivia Wilde

Hey! I'm Olivia and I am a hard surface modeler. I love making weapons and environment props for games! I bring my positive attitude and fun personality wherever I go.

Pearce Elson

Hi, I'm Pearce. I had a great time in college, it was way more valuable to me than I ever thought it could be. Now I'm excited to get out there, make cool stuff, and always keep learning!

Marco Pe

I'm a Motion Graphic Designer and Filmmaker. I love either 2D or 3D animation and enjoy applying good cinematography and storytelling to videos.

Purva Dolas

Full-time Designer and a Part-time Foodie. I am an UI/UX designer and I believe in making the usual, UNIQUE!

Gabrielle (Rey) Hill

Hi my name's Gabrielle, but I'd prefer it if you'd call me Rey! I'm a 3D artist with a huge passion for lighting and creating cinematics. When I'm not hard at work on something in 3D, you'll find me drawing, writing, or working on cosplay and cosplaying!

Sarah Brown

The world of 3D is vast and exciting, and I am eager to make my mark on the ever-growing and advancing field. I am proud to be an artist.

Syrah Bailey

Hi, I'm Syrah! I am a UI/UX Designer who aspires to become a programming god. I love expressing myself through various forms of art such as drawing and painting.

Tamara Abas

I'm a passionate Technical Artist who loves all things procedural! I enjoy building tools in Houdini, creating environments, and developing materials.

Tania Rau

Hi! I am Tania, a 3D artist. I am passionate about spreading kindness through art. I love learning and creating. Anywhere I go, you can find me with my little sketchbook, taking notes about exciting projects and ideas.

Tesfa Demissie

I am a passionate frontend developer with a keen interest in clean and modern user interface & user experience. I have worked on several projects, including web and mobile app development. My passion is for building beautiful interfaces that provide an optimal experience for the end users.

Tianxuan Liu

I didn’t start off as a designer. I started as an automotive service technician at a local repair shop. I worked there for a decade. But I was aware from the beginning that I wouldn’t be turnin' wrenches forever. So I started to read books, watch online tutorials, take volunteer works about design. And ready for the day to change. And the day has finally arrived.

Steph Shaver

Comics, animation, books, music, videogames, martial arts and table top games. I love stories and am always looking for new ways to be inspired and expand my skillset.

Yuyue Zhang

I like all the charming art. From painting to 3d models, from graphic design to video game design. I like to design models with Maya, and I like to use Adobe Photoshop for font design. I enjoy swimming in the world of art.

Yzabella Marie Santos

I'm an aspiring 3D animator and illustrator. A (new) hobby of mine is exploring different genres of music and learning about their history and culture.