Meeting now

Andrea Froom

3D Animator/Artist - I want to help people make awesome things!

Avril Süss

2D and 3D artist with a passion for all things art

Benjamin Michael Fligg

Hello there! I am passionate about story and have an appreciation for 3D Modeling, Animation, Texturing, etc.

Brianna Prezioso

Hi! I'm a 3D artist with the passion for sculpting, modelling, texturing and designing characters! I also draw and use mix mediums to create all things fantasy and sci-fi!

Erfan Mohammadzadeh

Have a background in 3ds Max and Vray along with my passion for 3d world encouraged me to enroll in 3d computer graphics program at Red River College where I engaged more with the technical aspect of computer graphics and practiced the medium standards.

Fred Mulder

3D artist and miniature wargaming enthusiast. Always willing to learn new things and make cool stuff! 'A dedicated life may reach the end of infinity.'

Justin C. E. Penner

I am a 3D artist with a long running love for world building and environment creation. I love worlds that are made to be explored!

Katie S

Hello there! I draw and do 3D things so lets make something cool!

Luyao Zhuang

Excitingly entered 3D art field with a civil engineering background. Passionate with character and prop modelling.

Nicholas Sawchyn

I am a 3D artist that specializes in hard-surface modeling, texturing, and rendering.

Nicholas Tourand

Hi there! I'm a 3D Artist that specializes in 3D sculpting, modeling, texturing and animation. I also love to draw, and use digital mediums to create 2D art and character designs. Check out my portfolio!

Tyler Burtniak

Hey, I'm Tyler. I am a 3DCG artist who specializes in product design and cinematic rendering.

Tyler Marks

Hello! I am a 3D Artist that specializes in creating high detail assets and renders.